Partnering with Our Industry Associations is a Win-Win

Stellar has always been a big supporter of the various associations that serve our different markets where we sell. They in turn have offered a plethora of useful information and assistance to us to help us produce a quality product that meets industry standards, as well as helping us reach the end user through trade shows and other events.
It’s always nice to benefit from those relationships and participate in a win-win opportunity. One that I will mention today is the chance to work with the Tire Industry Association (TIA) to host three separate Basic Farm Tire Service (FTS) training classes here at our facility in Garner. Over the 3-day course, participants will have classroom and hands-on training to learn the skills needed for servicing farm, agricultural and construction tire and wheel assemblies. It is a certificate program for the participants.
Typically, in the past, these sessions were held at various association members’ tire shops. While they make it work as best they can, most tire shops are not equipped with facilities to accommodate 15 attendees in a comfortable classroom setting.
Travis Glidden, one of our knowledgeable tire service regional sales manager’s, has been instrumental in these training classes in the past, taking one of our demo units to the location and assisting with the class. He had the idea of us hosting the class here in Garner for TIA. The association was grateful for the offer, and took us up on it since we have a conference room large enough to accommodate the group, and the equipment and space needed for the hands-on portion.
The first class is scheduled for the middle of June and has already filled up. It is unprecedented to be sold out this early, according to the TIA class coordinator. Another class is scheduled for mid-July and the third class in mid-August.
To learn more about the class, visit our home page and click on the FTS link in the Spotlight section of the page, or visit and select Training in the navigation bar.
What a great opportunity to come to Garner- the tire truck manufacturing capital of the world. The attendees will not only learn the safe and proper way to change farm tires and get certified but they’ll get to see the facility where tire service trucks are made.

Keeping Up With Technology

Is technology ever going to stop with its rapid growth? Technology seems to always keep changing and evolving. We at Stellar are constantly trying to stay on top of, or ahead of, the trends by continually changing our technology within our company to meet the needs of our customers. One of the ways we’re growing our company with technology is by improvements to our secure distributor website.

We’ve recently rebuilt our secure distributor site from the ground up with some of the latest and greatest web framework. With this framework we were able to build it mobile friendly, and most importantly user friendly. Our distributor site is a major sales and marketing tool that we rely on to help keep our distributors up-to-date with the latest information they need to sell our products. We’re finding that by implementing a few new features into our distributor site, we’re making it easy for our distributors to stay in contact with us, find the most up to date product and customer service information about our service trucks, cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, cable hoists and container carriers.

So as technology continues to change, we will too in order to get to the level of excellence we continually expect ourselves to achieve.  And to do so we’ll need to continue to take strides with technology as it continues to evolve.

ICUEE 2015 – In the Books

The ICUEE (International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo) – also known as the Demo Expo – has come to a close for 2015. While we went into the week expecting sunny and 80 degrees, Mother Nature decided to change her mind on us. In true ICUEE fashion, we endured a day and a half of rain, cool temperatures, and a brisk breeze. It seems it wouldn’t be an ICUEE show without all the extreme weather conditions rolled into those three days.

Stellar had a nice presence at the show this year. Our booth was located in the outdoor “N” lot, in front of the convention center. We displayed our popular TMAX™1 service body and the Stellar® 7621 crane equipped with an E-Link Touch system and the Stellar® CDTplus™ crane control system, and we had the X-Tra-Lift in the booth as well. Booth visitors had the opportunity to see the X-Tra-Lift run up and into the truck and out again, or they could see first hand how the Stellar® Crane operated and get a first-hand look at the real-time load information displayed on the LCD screen on the remote handle. As you wondered the aisles of the show with your umbrella, you were sure to not get far without seeing a Stellar crane in various other booths as well. Some of our distribution, partners and end users had a Stellar crane on display in their booths. It is always fun to see that we’ve made such an impact on and created such a strong presence in this market.

So despite the inclement weather, we managed to collect a solid array of leads that we will be following up on in the next few weeks. We also had the opportunity to meet with several of our current end users and distributors for feedback and great discussions.

A little about the ICUEE Demo Expo – it is the largest event in North America for the utilities and utility contractors seeking new equipment and new technologies for their businesses. It takes place every other year, in Louisville, Ky at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center. There are over 25 acres of exhibit space, indoor and outdoor, and over 850 exhibitors consuming that space. A majority of the booths have demonstrations and hands-on opportunities for the attendees. The show is owned and run by the AEM, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, which Stellar is an active member. Early reports have indicated that attendance for the 2015 show was at record numbers, hosting over 18,000 attendees.

Next show on the calendar for Stellar Industries is the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida Oct. 15-18. The X-Tra-Lift will be on display for all the motorcycle dealers and enthusiasts to check out first hand.

See You at ICUEE

As we gear up to attend ICUEE (pronounced “I-Q”), the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo – also known as the Demo Expo, Stellar Industries would like to extend an invitation to you to visit one of our various booths that will be located within the 25 acres of exhibit space at the Kentucky Expo and Fair Grounds. Show dates are Tuesday, September 29th thru Thursday October 1st. Stellar, along with its divisions American Eagle Accessories Group and Kiefer Manufacturing, will be displaying this year at ICUEE in their own respective booths.  Stellar will also be displaying a mechanics truck in the Ford booth, and I’m sure as in the past, there will be plenty of other booths that have a Stellar crane on display as well. Please stop by and visit us at any of our locations, and if you’d like to make an appointment, we’d love to schedule some time with you in advance of arriving in Louisville.  Please contact us to schedule time – you can reach out to Donna, at 641-923-4248 or at  We encourage our distributors, current customers and potential customers to stop by our booths to check out all our products we have on display and to hear about all the other products we offer as well.

To give you a heads up, Stellar will be displaying a 7621 Mechanics crane equipped with the Stellar® CDTplus™ control system on a TMAX™ body and an X-Tra-Lift pick-up truck loading device.   American Eagle will be located outdoors in the “L” Lot this year with the demo truck in the booth showing off all the possibilities they have to offer, and Kiefer Manufacturing will have numerous utility and industrial trailers to look at, also located in the “L” Lot.

Also while at the show, be sure you check out the benefit auction located at the ICUEE Demo Stage on October 1st, starting at 12:15 PM. Stellar has donated an X-Tra-Lift unit (including installation). 100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to the Call of Duty Endowment. It is a national organization that helps military veterans find high quality jobs, including in the construction and utility industries.

All of our booth numbers are below. We hope you can make the trek to Louisville, KY so you can come visit with us. And while you’re there, I challenge you to scour the grounds and count how many pieces of Stellar equipment you can find. Report back to me at the Stellar booth how many you count, I just might have a special prize for you! See you there!

Stellar – N1012

American Eagle – L251

Kiefer – L455

Visit the ICUEE site

Technology Today

“Hey guys, what year did the Civil War end?”

A slight breeze rustled the Kathy Ireland poster on my friend Chris’ bedroom wall.  It was a cool evening in the fall of 1993 and we had gathered to play Hold‘em on a ramshackle card table.

“Any ideas?” Chris asked again.

 I shook my head and folded, “No idea. Sometime in the 1860s…”

“It was 1867,” Adam suggested with confidence.

“No chance… It had to before that, right?” Brandon offered as he pushed his chips all in.  “Wait, what year was Abe assassinated?”

We all reasoned and tried desperately to put the tattered strings of our half-remembered middle school knowledge into a guess.  At the end of the game, we simply shrugged our shoulders in defeat and agreed: “I guess we just don’t know for sure.”

Think about that!  We just didn’t know – How absurd?!  There was a time in history, not too long ago I might add, where we didn’t have immediate access to simple questions like “What year did the Civil War end?” or another common query at our table: “Who drew the first issue of Spider-Man?”

Today, I can tap a few buttons on the phone in my pocket (or simply talk to the nice Siri lady) and I know, infallibly without a doubt, that the Civil War ended in 1865 and The Amazing Spider-Man #1 was drawn by Steve Ditko*.   End of discussion!

We now live in an age where the answer “I don’t know” is a laughable response usually followed with “yet”.  This is true with the fun questions that come up around a card table but it’s doubly true with the questions that come up at work.

“What day did order XYZ ship?”

“Which cap screws did we need for this bumper assembly?”

“How many Slider50s did we ship last quarter?”

Now, I’ll admit, some of these questions still take a little digging to answer.  However, as we become more proficient with tools like Epicor and FileMaker, and we continue to take advantage of amazing new tech such as tablets and smart phones, finding our answers will only become faster and easier.

We truly live in an amazing age – I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

*Alright, I didn’t even have to look this one up, but you get the point!